Digital Dav (디지털 대브) - Weekend Getaway MV

2020. 11. 19.
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DIGITAL DAV (디지털 대브) - Weekend Getaway Official MV 입니다.
미국 LA에서 독보적인 톤을 가진 래퍼 DIGITAL DAV (디지털 대브)가 새 싱글 [Weekend
Getaway]를 발표했다. [Weekend Getaway]는 주말을 이용한 짧은 여행과 같이 떠나자는 ‘We
Can Get Away’ 두 가지의 메시지를 담은 노래이다
Lyrics by Digital Dav
Produced by Jasper Stories
Mixed & Mastered by Jason.Wav
Recorded at Zoo Labs
Artwork by Micanbar
[Music Video]
Directed + Edited by Sakyboi
Illustration by El Nareswara
Color Correction by Kinan Chabani
Art Direction by Digital Dav
Actress by Alondra Velez
Production Assistance by Tonie Marks
Sponsored by Jualifiez
Presented by SuperFreak Records

  • his autotune is just built differently 💪

    Joseph OhJoseph Oh6 일 전
  • The amount of autotune..

    Sofia ChalametSofia Chalamet6 일 전
  • Best thing to come out of 2020!

    Yung SoapYung Soap6 일 전
    • Lmao what

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  • The video SLAPS omg

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    CreatveMndsCreatveMnds7 일 전
  • auto tune to forced for this song but the sound is cool! :/

    Britany BlanchetteBritany Blanchette8 일 전
  • love this

    milky teamilky tea8 일 전
  • I love u! I love the video!

    Alondra VelezAlondra Velez8 일 전
  • ✨💖👩🏻‍🎤

    Xela 2kXela 2k8 일 전
  • This slaps but hey.. use your real voice👍😃🎶

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  • una obra

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  • Orang indonesia like

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  • I love pink so you passed 😎

    vanesaloves musicvanesaloves music8 일 전
  • (Hook) Won't you pick a day We can get away On a weekend getaway On a weekend getaway Won't you pick a day I can find a place How about we escape From the cityscape Won't you pick a day We can get away On a weekend getaway On a weekend getaway We can get away From this boring place To a foreign place On a weekend getaway (Verse 1) Grumpy on a Monday I'll work on it one day Call you on a Tuesday And spend the night where you stay Humping every Wednesday Need a drink by Thursday Pumped up when it's Friday Let's party like your birthday 9 to 5 9 to 5 you working on your career You put in double the work and you keep it sincere You used to be lost but now I'm so glad that your path is so clear But I know at times, you just wanna get outta here Let's pack up a bag and leave right now Don't know where we going let's find out I chop off the roof let the top down I know you been feeling so tied down I wanna take you somewhere out of town From city to city we ride around Roll up some more need another pound Blowing on gas are you high now

  • saky and dav poppin' off with the quality on this one damn

    Michelangelo BarbicMichelangelo Barbic8 일 전
  • what in the world :(

    Ken KilsonKen Kilson8 일 전
  • cultural appropriateyy

    merci-bcpmerci-bcp8 일 전
  • 💓Few-Churr💘

    Joo HahnJoo Hahn8 일 전
  • 1:03 ok this is actually good

    red wolfred wolf8 일 전
  • Sounds like he sang the gummy bear song

    red wolfred wolf8 일 전
  • 0:16

    Hardi MichelHardi Michel8 일 전
  • What the . . . What's wrong with his voice lol. And the h-hair uhhhhhh

    The Golden Goddess TGGThe Golden Goddess TGG8 일 전
  • damn they got chipmunks rappin now?

    KiloKilo8 일 전
  • See the beat is pretty decent but his voice is.........interesting

    Shanice KShanice K8 일 전
  • who

    Newt 1Newt 18 일 전
  • Awalnya aneh denger suaranya, cuma pas lihat bacaan Digital Dav, yaa kurang lebih aku ngerti. Mungkin ini ciri khas dia kan

    Anisyah Belaa OfficialAnisyah Belaa Official8 일 전
  • Dav always dropping bangers 💖💯

    h1rah1ra8 일 전
  • why does this lowkey slap

    sensen8 일 전
  • sounds like a soundcloud rapper

    sensen8 일 전
  • wtf

    sensen8 일 전
  • I wonder what their voice sounds like

    aaliyah noaaliyah no8 일 전
  • 누구임?

  • Amei😍

    Leo ArcLeo Arc8 일 전
  • idk who's this but fr tho the music ain't bad but he shld js keep it to his own voice LOL it sounds bad

    natalie cllnatalie cll8 일 전
  • sounds like he is squeezing his nose while singing

    Ugly MusubiUgly Musubi8 일 전
    • He sounds like he’s trying to cosplay as a bee

      Shanice KShanice K8 일 전

      31_YJY31_YJY8 일 전
  • odios llegue temprano a algo JAJAJAJ

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  • 0:18

    Andrew LincolnAndrew Lincoln8 일 전
  • Por fin llegué temprano a un video :)

    ༄ 다 마리스༄ 다 마리스8 일 전
  • i love the song its just the hair......

    Yashfa M UHYashfa M UH8 일 전
  • 3rd

    Matthew RayMatthew Ray8 일 전
  • Nunca llegué temporano q algo 🤡

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    • X3

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    • x2

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