하현상 (Ha Hyunsang) - 3108 M/V

2020. 11. 10.
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하현상 (Ha Hyunsang) - 3108 M/V 입니다.
Lyrics by Nodded, ENAN, 장윤지(Jam Factory), 최지애(Jam Factory), 김수진(Jam Factory), 봉은영(Jam Factory), 이혜윰(Jam Factory)
Composed by Nodded, ENAN, TEITO
Arranged by TEITO, Nodded, Savage House Gang
Piano by 하현상
Guitar by 이태욱
Synthesizer, Bass by TEITO
Drum by Savage House Gang
Chorus by 노지영
Recorded by 권유진, 장우영 @ DoobDoob Studio
최일웅, 신홍재 @ Pondsound Studio
Mixed by 구종필 @Klang Studio
Mastered by 권남우 @821 Sound Mastering

<곡 소개>
빛은 시간이고, 시간은 곧 빛이다.
깨져버린 모든 관계에는 후회가 남는다.
“만약 내가 그때 다른 말, 선택을 했다면 우리는 어땠을까?”
빛보다 빨리 달려 시간을 감아, 과거로 돌아가고자 하는 간절한 마음을 담은 노래 <3108>

  • I Couldn't resist downloading the song after watching his performance in yu huiyeol sketchbook ... What a wonderful voice 😍💜

    غلا khغلا kh8 시간 전
  • this is so good, damn

    Siti Hannah SyafeqaSiti Hannah Syafeqa14 시간 전
  • I came here from Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook. Literally downloaded the song after hearing it.

    I am ChangkyuunnI am Changkyuunn15 시간 전
    • SAME .. I loved his voice 😭💜💜

      غلا khغلا kh8 시간 전
  • Music video is well produced, love the animation, its symbolic and talentedly made, not cliche at all. The song is lovely 🌸

    Nataly KhonNataly Khon18 시간 전
  • Song beautifull superrrrrrrr 🎶

    Ayten AydınAyten Aydın20 시간 전
  • 발 끝에 닿을 듯한 어둠에 그림자마저 사라져 등뒤로 도망가는 너란 해 Bye 궤도를 벗어난 행성 이별에 우린 부딪히려 해 난 차라리 모든 걸 잊어버린 너를 원해 흐르는 별들 속에 헤매던 그때 이뤄지지 않을 꿈안에 갇혀 fly away 빛을 건너 그 날의 널 볼 수 있다면 지금 너와 난 영원을 속삭였을까 Let me catch the light Let me catch the light 깜깜한 어둠을 건너 안타까운 시간을 돌려 한 번 더 너를 안을 수 있게 Yeah again 흐르는 별들 속에 헤매던 그때 이뤄지지 않을 꿈 안에 갇혀 fly away 빛을 건너 그 날의 널 볼 수 있다면 지금 너와 난 영원을 속삭였을까 Let me catch the light Let me catch the light 슬픔에 닿기 전에 난 돌려보려 해 그때 그 자리로 그때 그 자리로 빛을 건너 그 날의 널 볼 수 있다면 지금 너와 난 영원을 속삭였을까 Let me catch the light Let me catch the light

    어질현어질현일 전
  • 노래 우연히 듣고 그냥 하현상이란 사람을 사랑하기로 결심했습니다

    Sara ParkSara Park2 일 전
  • I can’t stop listening to this!!

    loveJHloveJH2 일 전
  • Been a fan of hoppipolla since i heard their first track "About Time", and seeing many fellow stays listen and check out hyunsang's song after seungmin recommends it really makes me happy

    Elise LudoviceElise Ludovice2 일 전
  • I'm here because of ha hyun sang not someone else....i knew him since he sang ost for drama be melodramatic...

    王瑞群王瑞群2 일 전
  • I’m here because ha hyunsang ;p love you and hoppipolla ..from thailand. 💕🤟🏼

    Pomb BfPomb Bf2 일 전
  • Hyun Sang’ah you’re the best .... 💕

    MonaMona3 일 전
  • If you're here bcs of Seungmin, and happen to fall for his voice, maybe you can go check Hoppipolla as well, Hyunsang is one of the vocalists & guitarist there and they won on Superband!

    Jinnie TanJinnie Tan3 일 전
  • Solo entre a escuchar la canción porque Seungmin la recomendó y enserio me gusta, ahora no puedo dejar de escucharla, es hermosa 😍😍😍🌹

    Neida Angélica Rupay DávilaNeida Angélica Rupay Dávila3 일 전
  • Omg I'm so glad all these people are finding Hyunsang because of Seungmin! I am so grateful to have been following him for a while... (Thanks, Superband/Hoppipolla 💜)

    Sofia ColegioSofia Colegio4 일 전
  • This song is so good😭😭😍Oppa,I saw you on Pops in Seoul and u were amazing😍 Oppa, hwaiting!!! Love from India ❤

    candaline almeidacandaline almeida4 일 전
  • Beautiful voice!

    BriM03BriM035 일 전
  • I'm so happy Seungmin listens to this i'm so happy for be stay and hoper

    Yellow MoodYellow Mood5 일 전
  • Your voice is make me feel fresh

    Yellow MoodYellow Mood5 일 전
  • ilysm ha hyunsang, hwaiting ... this song is masterpiece

    iradnus uyairadnus uya5 일 전
  • Such a beautiful song 🌹

    Lina BieberLina Bieber5 일 전
  • I like skz but He's more than just a Seungmin's recommendation

    Ciani JiuCiani Jiu5 일 전
  • we love hyunsang and seungmin

    rina aaarina aaa6 일 전
  • 나는 멈추지 않고 당신의 노래를 들을 수 있습니다. 당신의 목소리와 노래는 힐링과 같습니다. 😊❤

    Harpreet KaurHarpreet Kaur6 일 전
  • 좋아요 ♡

    누니부신이누니부신이6 일 전
  • I'm here because Yeonho VERIVERY recomendation. thank you boy for recomendation ~ :)

    Mrs. Jang_ChaMrs. Jang_Cha8 일 전
  • POV: you're here because of Ha Hyunsang.

    Fatimah RatnaFatimah Ratna8 일 전
    • Yessss like literally this oppa has amazing talent 😍

      candaline almeidacandaline almeida4 일 전
  • What a beautiful work of art, his covers are amazing too

    Mono Youni 希望Mono Youni 希望8 일 전
  • 에니메이션 개꿀잼ㅋㅋ

    허현경허현경9 일 전
  • Seungmin has such a beautiful taste in music

    mori apeudamori apeuda10 일 전
  • When did Seungmin recommend this??? I found this song through getting into Hoppipolla but I’m just curious when he recommended this. I may be a stay but I’m still very new to the community

    SilverJade_27SilverJade_2710 일 전
  • His music always touches my heart and the music video is so artistic and creative!

    GabrielleGabrielle10 일 전
  • Came here for Ha Hyunsang. Always have, and always will

    FatZeeFatZee10 일 전
  • seungmin's recommendation is so good

    Abby MAbby M12 일 전
  • Still here, because of Straykids’s Seungmin 😂

    Stay MinnieStay Minnie12 일 전
  • Always here haha!

    Hyunjin babyHyunjin baby12 일 전
  • his voice is so soothing

    Doma SherpaDoma Sherpa13 일 전
  • thanks seungmin for bringing me here :')

    Hasya Dinie HishamHasya Dinie Hisham13 일 전

    Dania EllanaDania Ellana13 일 전
  • 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

    Pretty LalyPretty Laly14 일 전
  • he never disapoints with his music!!! I love every single song he has realesed ´till now!!! im in love with this :)

    grenny carolina gutierrez eiselegrenny carolina gutierrez eisele14 일 전
  • I really am in love with this song

    Lily ParkinsonLily Parkinson14 일 전
  • who is he? anyone mind tell me? i like this song bcs of seungmin oml

    like mate stop procrastinatinglike mate stop procrastinating14 일 전
    • His name is Ha Hyunsung and he is a member from the band called Hoppipolla.

      Biakdiki HlawnchhingBiakdiki Hlawnchhing13 일 전
  • pure masterpiece

    softaegisoftaegi14 일 전
  • This is sooo good 😭😭😭😭

    DowiiiDowiii14 일 전
  • i loveeeeee itt ❤

    LiaBlazeeeLiaBlazeee14 일 전
  • wow seungmin has elite music taste

    danicadanica14 일 전
  • 🌜💥🌛…ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ…ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ🌜🤍🌛

    Sumana FuaCH2OSumana FuaCH2O14 일 전
  • 곡 소개마저 너무너무 현상이다... 사랑해 울 강쥬

    Jena젠Jena젠15 일 전
  • I just loved it from the first touch of that song. You are perfect!!!

    chmach__ __chmach__ __15 일 전
  • Thanks Seungmin from stray kids for the recomendation. The song is really good!

    i1s9m9r5i1s9m9r515 일 전
  • What does 3108 indicate?

    Hira Javed KhanHira Javed Khan15 일 전
    • '3108' is a number inspired from the speed of light formula. The song is about the heartfelt desire to go back to the past by moving faster than light.

      Some daySome day14 일 전
  • Hello people who have found Hyunsang from Seungmin. Welcome. Here's a bit about Hyunsang: - He's a 22 year old singer who debuted in 2018. - In 2019 he joined the competition show Superband and became part of the winning band Hoppipolla, which debuted later that year. - He's done several kdrama OSTs with and without Hoppipolla. The most famous probably being "Becoming the wind" from Mr. Sunshine. - He's becoming increasingly popular and I've seen a bunch of idols mention him. It makes me super proud and happy. - Hyunsang's solo fandom name is PAN which stands for Phenomenon Attracts us to Neverland, in reference to Peter Pan. - Hoppipolla's fandom name is Hoper.

    Kai S.Kai S.15 일 전
  • ¿alguien tiene la canción que me la pase, por favor?

    thisisnaahthisisnaah15 일 전
  • i'm not here because of seungmin .. i'm here because i know ha hyunsang since kpop superband 🌹

    KpopWorldwideeKpopWorldwidee15 일 전
  • Thanks for the animation work!! GOOD good

    ValeVale15 일 전
  • Gracias por recomendarla Seungmin 💖 muy bonito

    Juli MJuli M15 일 전
  • 하현상님 노래들은 늘 기대 이상 입니다... 진정한 이 시대의 천재 뮤지션...

    JB YJB Y15 일 전
  • Please check out the band hes in! It’s called hoppipolla and they performed the song “creep” which got a lot of attention but sadly got deleted from KOworld. They are mad talented and I hope they get the recognition they deserve since seungmin mentioned him. :))

    CelineCeline15 일 전
  • I love this song thanks Seungmin from stray kids 💛💛for shared this song :)

    Fatma Alkorbi.Fatma Alkorbi.15 일 전
  • Seungmin be promoting Ha Hyunsang better jk

    Jozaine ReighJozaine Reigh15 일 전
  • 스키즈 승민이가 추천해서 들으러 왔어용 노래 짱짱좋아요 !!

    후비적후비적15 일 전
  • Seungmin tells me to be here, i love ur voice btw 💗

    Fuji's pageFuji's page15 일 전
  • Thank U seungmin for this recomendation.

    Momoka Sweet68Momoka Sweet6815 일 전
  • This song is very beautiful❤ Thank You Seungmin for recommending this amazing masterpiece.... Thank You Ha Hyunsang for your melancholic voice and this beautiful song... this is gonna be included in my playlist😍

    Dvka KhDvka Kh15 일 전
  • Thanks to Seungminie for recommending this..it is beautiful...

    Stay X Stray KidsStay X Stray Kids16 일 전
  • i'm so glad that seungmin posted about this song ! hyunsang and skz are two of my ults

    reirei16 일 전
  • Wow i love this music...Its soo heart touching and also thanks to straykids Kim Seungmin that he recommend us to listen this beautiful music.....

    StraykidsmyworldStraykidsmyworld16 일 전
  • Seungmin me mandó jiji

  • Seungmin


    3RACHA Best Producers.3RACHA Best Producers.16 일 전
  • Now I'm thinking about seungmin

    THAILY BlairTHAILY Blair16 일 전
  • 승민이가 들으래서 왔음

    이가은이가은16 일 전
  • Im here because seungmin skz😍

    Ghani FanantaGhani Fananta16 일 전
  • Came because Stray Kids' Seungmin recommended this song! 1st time listening to Ha Hyunsang and its pretty good!!!!

    Hazel MayHazel May16 일 전
  • ha hyunsang! a hidden star, keep fighting! we love u

    Tiara Dwina HandayaniTiara Dwina Handayani16 일 전
  • hyunsang is such a wonderful artist, everything he does is perfect (i'm also happy bc kim seungmin listens to his songs like me)

    skzmagicskzmagic16 일 전
  • From seungmin ♥♥♥

    FIONA moaFIONA moa16 일 전
  • Never regretting coming here because of seungmin.. This is a really good song. I already love it!

    Hyunjin babyHyunjin baby16 일 전
  • Seungmin brought me here..

    Hyunjin babyHyunjin baby16 일 전
  • i want a seungmin cover i feel like this would suit his voice so well

    《 ᄋᄉᄋ 》《 ᄋᄉᄋ 》16 일 전
  • Si es recomendado por seungmin tiene muy buen gusto por la música mi niño minnieee🥰

    Gabii castilloGabii castillo16 일 전
  • Thinking I’m going to have to add his to my playlist

  • You know if seungmin suggests a song for us it can’t be bad , this song is beautiful

  • Gracias por recomendarme esta canción 🐶

    Isabel BravoIsabel Bravo16 일 전
  • Aah this mv is beautiful and this song wow i luv it!

    iida Ollinahoiida Ollinaho16 일 전
  • It's so beautiful not gonna lie, the song and the mv uwuu is so beautiful This kind of music is my taste i luvvv ittttt♡

    JangminniEJangminniE16 일 전
  • Our seungminnie really have a really good music taste uwuuu its so beautiful ♡ Instant download---

    JangminniEJangminniE16 일 전
  • I came at Seungmin's suggestion. I am happy that I listened to the song in a short time. Thank you to Ha Hyunsan and Seungmin for the calm and beautiful song.🤍

    Elif EryılmazElif Eryılmaz16 일 전
  • Vine por Seungmin y como me esperaba recomendó un temazo ME ENCANTO ♡

    Joselyne ʚɞJoselyne ʚɞ16 일 전
  • I'm here cause seungmin our puppy 🐶

    Iqlima IstaufaIqlima Istaufa16 일 전
  • Im here for seungminiee^^

    Baby BreadBaby Bread16 일 전
  • Thanks to Seungmin for recommending such a good song ( ^∀^)

    someone from somewheresomeone from somewhere16 일 전
  • Ke sini gara gara seungmin ♡♡♡♡

    Sheilla AfikaSheilla Afika16 일 전
  • ya me encanta, estoy aquí por seungmin

    1 9 9 81 9 9 816 일 전
  • Thanks a lot Seungmin for recommending this masterpiece TT Who’s with me

    Hyungwon MiraHyungwon Mira16 일 전
  • Seungmin recommended this on ig. This song is really good. It's something, makes me feel sentimental

    seungminnie21seungminnie2116 일 전
  • already added to my playlist! thank you to seungmin for reccomend this beautiful song

    straykids staysstraykids stays16 일 전
  • Beautiful song ❤❤

    Alice CCAlice CC16 일 전
  • 이거 넘 좋아아아..

    iamyou 96iamyou 9616 일 전